Veterans for Peace , Covington , north of New Orleans
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Veterans for Peace left Crawford , Texas for New Orleans. They Set up camp in Covington , north of New Orleans. This is a lean and mean group, kicking ass. I can testify to anyone who want to help volunteer or donate money that they are the best effort going. Cree and I spent the weekend with them and give our word , they are ahead of the game and going strong.


Alex and Ella are at the shelter working. Buddy and Annie located their daughter and have a generator at their home.

This is the kitchen area at the back of the school

This is Freddie and his kicking ass hat. The bus is headed out foa a trip  into New Orleans and everyone is a bit pumped!

This was our last delivery load September 10th. We are home now after over a month . We are finding it extremely difficult to get back to our lives. I have learned how to take a bath , brush my teeth and shave with one bottle of water. I have decided there is no way to sleep in a loaded Geo Tracker. To throw a sleeping bag on the ground in the dark is usually a mistake. When you do get home and hit a real mattress do not expect to get a nights sleep. Your head is spinning with what was this all about. You struggle with did I do enough and should I go back. The video of Camp Casey one was in my mailbox and I do not have a dvd so I visited 2 friends house and watched it. They were moved not only by the video but by how deeply it struck me to watch it. I did the same the next day with the same result. I have decided I can never watch the video without a lot of emotions. Yet the video gave me an insight to what we had done. It was not just about a once in a lifetime chance to correct our system. It was about those who the system had almost destroyed coming together and realizing they had common ground with so many people. It was not just about their losses , but about their concern for all human life and the respect of it. Camp Casey one has to be one of the most sacred piece of dirt in the world. So much love , kindness and compassion in one spot. When you watch the video and see the prowar vet explaining to Cindy that the losses in Iraq are acceptable and she puts her arm around him and walks him away and hugs him , you realize what we really had in this camp and what they really missed across the road in the pro war ditch .

For over a month we have faced crisis after crises. Every single time a rainbow has taken flight from every situation. If the spirit of Camp One is carried to Washington D. C. the result can only be the same. Thanks Cindy , Ann, Gordon, Dennis,Freddie, Buddy , Annie and millions more for what we have shown each other and the world. We had already won in the first week and yet we will not stop until the peoples democracy is restored. WE ARE THE DITCH PEOPLE!