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The last saturday evening camp meeting. 

 It had been the longest day in Camp Casey

. A bit frustrated, but proud ,  Buddy  Spell,

 Cindy Sheehans lawyer, asks the camp to

finish the day with peace , love and no

counter demonstrating. His last statement

 was: " This is  not over, we will continue

 this cause in Washington D.C. next month".


Ann Wright and Sid Franklin working out logistics. The police were absolutely awesome. I credit it to the approach Cindy took the day she first marched to Camp Casey  . The march was determined to get to the ranch , yet every time Cindy was cornered by the police she calmed down and tried respectfully to find a way to keep going. I feel this effort bloomed to a cooperation with the police which no protest has ever experienced . All the policemen I met were courteous peacemakers. Hats off to them for an outstanding job.

 Ann Wright did an outstanding job at Camp Casey . Check out her bio.

Dennis Kyne with the Veterans for Peace plays his awesome skip along song while Ella, our official camp kid, skips along.  You cannot tell by the photo but this was the most tense time in Crawford. We had been informed we were greatly outnumbered by pro war arriving in Crawford. Our camp was where the confrontation would take its stand. What did we do ? Sing and Dance!

Dennis Kyne Bio,

This is our treasured Wally from Washington. He came into the camp quietly and was volunteered to drive shuttles. I greeted him as he arrived and was struck by the color of his eyes. Wally has the coolest undescribable iris's on this planet. I was fortunate enough to take his shuttle one day . When his shuttle is full he departs by walking to the front of the van, bending over and slapping his leg letting out the  the most cattle driving Yee Haw you can imagine.  He has a smile which comes from great country upbringing and as you take off,  his new Johnny Cash cd will set the tone.  As each car approaches he has a grand energetic wave  as we wind through the country roads. The next thing you will observe is he is a lousy driver . lol.  Wally says he has never owned a car and loves his volunteer job! God go with you Wally. You are an awesome human. Wally emailed and said he had a ride to Wahington D.C.

Anyone in D.C. who runs into the Washington state cowboy with kaleidoscope eyes , give him our best!

During a late night security watch , the properties of aluminum foil were discussed. The protective qualities of this fine product seemed to have a use here. The enemy could not read our minds if we had foil hats. With the right energy we could broadcast with them. Last but not least who would mess with someone wearing a tin foil hat? We decided to have a tin foil party. The next morning while most were brushing their teeth in a ditch or looking for the coffee which sometime never arrives, Cree and Calvin went to town for aluminum foil. 20 rolls of the most powerful Dollar General carried arrived back in camp. Buddy smiled and said it looks like it is ON! The photo is of Buddy and Annie spell. Trust me if you ever want to jump off the edge, these are the people you should pick to go with you . Scattered through this site is photos of others in our tin foil brigade.



Freddie worked for one of the Code Pink women in Oregon . She offered him a ride to Camp Casey. On the way she pressed him to wear some pink since he was coming with a code pink member. Freddie stood his ground that pink was not to be in his wardrobe. Freddie came into camp and could not find a volunteer job fast enough . He brought more than just his volunteer efforts. Always had that heartfelt smile and never an unkind word. Patrick and I got together and found a pink umbrella in a tent and signed it as a gift to Freddie. Freddie knew we were making a joke of the color pink ,but after he caught his breathe, carried it high and proudly till we told him we had stole it from a code pink lady. He only flinched a few seconds, smiled that wonderful smile and it was back  up above his head as he did that wonderful jig  and  asking everyone to sign it.


He volunteered with all his heart . Most of the time in our camp he directed traffic in by the pro war demonstrators. He was so colorful that the pro war demonstrators mimicked his moves and words.