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Freddy came in on the veterans Impeach Bush bus. 


Olivia was one of our favorites. She spent several days in camp. One morning Cree and Olivia decided to see the President so they walked the 3 or 4 miles to the guard station. The guards would not let them pass and on the way back the secret service stopped and told them they had contacted the sheriff and was going to have them picked up .This was early in Cindy plight and they were the first to test the waters and walk down to the barricades.

A retired fireman brought this hat into camp. A grim reminder of the loss and courage.

Another reminder of why we are here.

The power of the tin hat!

And when they put it on their head...........AHHHH!

... and then there were a few who put the hats on again never to come back!

Thanks Joe for your incredible energy to make everything work smoothly.